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Titan springs is your one-stop solution for the design and manufacture of springs and wire form products. We work together with you to design and manufacture precise parts you can be proud of.

Our Story

Titan Spring has been in the Aerospace & Defense industry since its inception 60 years ago. Our first 50 years in business were located in North Hollywood California, in the middle of the Aerospace Industry. In 2007 We moved the manufacturing operations to Hayden, Idaho. Our new building was, and is a custom 16,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility. Shortly after the move we were certified to AS9100 Revision “B”. As of May 2018 we are Certified to the “D” Revision. Many people are not aware that we also offer a number of additional services, including CNC milling, metal stamping and welding.

Titan Spring manufactures springs and various component parts in our Hayden Idaho facility. Our regional office is located outside of Los Angeles, but our manufacturing is done in Idaho. Titan is also positioned to outsource whatever operations necessary to provide quality products to meet your deadline.

Titan Spring is a member of the Spring Manufacturers Institute and we manufacture Compression, Extension, Torsion, Double Torsion, Flat and Clock Springs. We also design and manufacture Wave and Bellville Washers, Short Run Stampings, we have an in house Die Shop on premises and complete EDM Machine for in house EDM fabrication.


Because of our proximity to the aerospace and defense industry, much of the work we performed in the early years was directly related to aerospace and defense. Frequently we had to move beyond our traditional role of spring design and fabrication to problem solver, just to get the job done. In those early years, we worked very closely with aerospace engineers to create parts that would perform per their requirements. Titan is ITAR Registered, and is certified to AS9100 Rev “D” and ISO 9001:2015 and also now certified up to Boeing BQMS D-6-82479 Appendix “A”.

How We Grew


Titan Spring has been supplying medical grade springs and assemblies for over 20 years. In the past we have manufactured receptacles out of surgical grade stainless steel and have formed tiny springs as small as .004 thick. We've also performed intricate assembly procedures, including inserting springs and spot welding them in place.

Value Added

At Titan Spring, we not only offer amazing design and manufacturing services, we also specialize in problem solving. One example of this would be a different medical device company that was struggling to make a belt clip for an insulin pump. They requested that we assist with the design and manufacture of the assembly. We designed a number of assembly fixtures that solved their problems, and ended up supplying the labels, plastic bags and printed instructions, in addition to the completed assembly. We supplied all of this, turn-key and ready to ship to their customer.

Vast Capability

Titan Spring can deliver almost every spring imaginable. In addition, we can meet your deadlines and deliver machined parts, stamped metal parts and formed wire products with or without welding. Most people don't know that we can also design and manufacture complete assemblies including metal assemblies comprised of various individual components.


Titan Spring has manufactured spare parts for the aviation and space industries, in addition to aerospace and defense, for over 50 years. In most cases the buyer has a requirement for a stamped metal part used on an aircraft that has been out of production for many years. Often the original tooling for the part in question is unavailable or unusable. The buyer’s requirement is for a small quantity that would not justify purchasing new stamping dies. In a scenario like this Titan Spring can quickly solve the problem.


Titan has solved very complex problems, for countless buyers over the last 50 years, and our team is ready to meet your challenge head on. We have the know-how to manufacture the same part that came off that new die years ago, in small quantities. However, if your quantities dictate new tooling, our in-house die shop can provide any tooling you may require.

Family Operated

Titan was founded in 1957 by Joseph W. Park, a master spring maker. Titan Spring's present management team includes members of the second and third generations of Joseph’s family, each proudly carrying on his tradition of excellence. His vast industry knowledge has been passed down over the years to a younger generation, who are incorporating new technologies to further improve Titan's spring design and production.

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