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Titan Spring Inc.

Spring Application

Spring designs are not all the same and different situations require different spring solutions. 60 plus years of experience have given us the unique position to solve spring application issues for our customers. Over the years we have seen more designs and unique applications than most design engineers will see in a lifetime.

Spring Problem

A few years back one of Titan’s customers was experiencing a high failure rate with his springs and asked us to help. When Titans engineering staff viewed the way the customer was using the spring the problem was obvious.They were using the wrong type of spring in their high speed fruit labeling machine.

The machine looked like an old movie projector with a reel on top  containing labels on tape. Another reel on the bottom coiled the tape as the machine removed the labels sticking them onto the fruit. A torsion spring as pictured below was being used with the small arm anchored to the machine body. The large arm with the loop instead of rotating toward the coils the way torsion springs work it was moving away. The large arm controlled the device sticking the labels to the fruit. Because of the poor spring application it was traveling so far it was over stressing the spring causing spring failure. This resulted in unlabeled fruit and a irritated customer.

Torsion Spring

Titans engineers suggested using an extension spring which is better suited for the application.

Extension Spring


One end was still anchored to the body of the machine. The other end traveled with the moving part of the machine on a vertical plane in a very low stress application.

Spring Problem Solved

Substituting the extension for the torsion spring extended the working life of the spring virtually eliminating the failures. The customer was ecstatic with the solution but the down side for Titan was he never ordered any more replacement springs.

The happy customer is what is most important!





Motorcycle Springs are not something that we normally get involved in because we are an aerospace and defense company. Having said that we get referrals from happy customers who we have solved problems for.

One case in particular was one form a company that made exhaust systems for racing motorcycles. They mounted the systems to racing bikes used at Daytona race track and other road racing tracks. The problem was that the motorcycle springs they were buying were breaking during the races. Not good especially at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.  They came to titan in search of a solution and after some discussion we came up with a custom spring for them.

The exhaust was mounted to the bike using a typical extension spring allowing the pipe to bounce up and down slightly.

Custom Extension Spring
Rotating hook spring


The problem arouse because the pipe also moved torsionally which created stress on the hooked ends. The twisting motion created stress at the base of the hook. This  resulted in a crack which led to the spring breaking.

In order to accommodate the travel of the spring vertically and torsionally we made a 3 piece spring. It consisted of a coiled body and two separate hooked ends. The ends have a formed eye opposite the hooks. The eye ends were inserted  into the body of the spring. We then did a necking operation to taper the ends of the coiled body.  This insures that  the hooks would not come out. The hooks could twist and rotate eliminating the stress on the hook end while still allowing the spring  to move vertically.



Spring Problems

spring problems
Vintage Hot Rod Hood Spring Extension springs

Spring problems are just part of the business and why spring companies exist to is solve them. In this case the spring problem was not the design. It was how to replace a broken part over half a century out of production. The pictures on this page were taken of a hot rod in Coeur D Alene Idaho at the Car D Alene hot rod show held every year Fathers Day weekend. We make springs like the ones on the car but have no way of know if we made these particular springs.


spring problems
Hood hold down assembly


Spring problem #1 is to figure out what material to use which is most likely music wire because  of its mechanical properties. Spring problem #2 is what technique to use in making the spring. This complex assembly of leather straps, springs, rivets, and a buckle assembly would eventually be replaced by just one simple extension spring.

The hold down spring was reverse engineered from a customer sample. The spring requires many hand winding operations because the coils on one side are left hand wound and the other right hand.

This spring is for a non military application but, we do the same thing for aircraft spares requirements. Titans vast experiences over 60 plus years in the spring industry combined with our extensive military and defense experience put the company in a great place to solve problems. Obsolete or hard to find products can be duplicated from samples or re engineered for an even better performing product.

Growing up in the heart for the industry in the last half of the 20th century positioned Titan to play a key role in many of the programs of that era. We have touched some of the end products, seen them fly, and in some cases flown in them.




Aerospace CNC Machining

CNC Milling

Machining done on this part using our HAAS Vf-1 CNC mill and is made of aluminum employing several machining operations including threading. It measures roughly two inches square by 3/8 inch. Our mill has a fourth axis attachment for more complex machine operations. Short runs are our specialty as with our other products aviation and military spares are the world we have lived in since 1957.


Electronic Discharge Machining or EDM is another process that Titan performs with our Mitsubishi RA 90 machine. The machine does double duty creating precise machining in our die shop for metal stamping tooling and also cutting thin metal for parts. The machine can cut through thin stainless foil used for shims or gaskets without tearing the material. Delicate parts used on the space programs many times require special handling to avoid damage.


We currently have open time slots available in our milling department so send your inquiries to