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The latest news from TSI Technologies & Titan Springs



seat springs
Economy Class seating

Titan Spring’ Inc. has been making various custom configurations of this seat springs for several customers who manufacture aircraft interior seats.  We have been serving this industry going on 40 years so think of us the next time that you reach for the
magazine in the pocket.

seat springs
 At Titan we call them FRAMES to differentiate them from other springs because they are somewhat unique, This product has both a wire form component as well as a coiled spring. The coiled portion of the spring looks like a torsion spring but does not function as one. The purpose of the coils act more like an extension spring opening slightly as the passenger opens the seat back pocket then springing back when released.  The small loops or eyes as we refer to them are for mounting  the FRAME to the seat.

Formed wire parts are used in many places on, in and around commercial airliners. Over the years we have made them for cockpit and galleys installations. Some wire forms are welded assemblies for specific uses which Titan makes complete in house.

Titans in house capabilities for manufacturing  assemblies include CNC machining, metal stamping, flat metal forming, wire forming, wire welding and of course coiled wire products.

We also outsource components that are part of customer assemblies we do not have the in house capacity or capability to manufacture. All requirements of the AS 9100 Rev. “C” Standard are flowed down to any subcontractor that we contract with.



Idaho Aerospace Technology

Tamarack Aerospace

Tamarack is making history with their winglet concept for jet aircraft. Tamarack started with the Cessna CJ1 but have recently developed a commercial airline version for Boeing and Airbus. I have known these guys for about 7 years and just love this product. It is truly amazing and developed in Northern Idaho. You will be seeing this winglet on major airlines very soon being built under license from Tamarack by Boeing and Airbus.

More recently they have received certification for the Cessna CJ3 and CJ3+ Business jets.

Cessna Cj3 with Tamarack Aerospace active winglets
Tamarack Aerospace Group

Idaho Aerospace

Tamarack Aerospace Group is located in the northern Idaho resort town of Sandpoint near Lake Pend Oreille. Not exactly where you would expect to see aircraft products being made but there are a number of companies in the area.  Across the runway at Sanpoint airport is Quest Aircraft where the manufacture the Kodiak turboprop aircraft. The Kodiak is a short runway aircraft capable of taking off in 1,000 feet.






A few miles west of Quest is Aerocet where they manufacture a revolutionary composite float system for water landing. Pictured below is the Quest Kodiak aircraft equipped with Aerocet composite floats.

Aerocet Floats






Just an hour south in Hayden Idaho there are more aircraft industry suppliers like Titan Spring Incorporated. Titan is a 60 year old AS9100 family owned aerospace manufacturing company. Unitech Composites is just a mile away where they manufacture aerospace products for Boeing and other defense companies.

North Idaho College has an Aerospace Center near Unitech where they have an aircraft composites program in addition to an aviation maintenance program. Students are taught airframe and powerplant courses in preparation for licensing. The college offers CNC mill operation in addition to non destructive testing and inspection in support of the local industry. The college will be adding additional aerospace classes in the future as needed.


The Boeing Company awarded its silver level Preferred Supplier Certification to Titan Spring, Inc. of Hayden, Idaho.

Boeing congratulated Titan on achieving superior supplier performance. 


Titan maintained a minimum Silver composite performance rating for each month of the performance period from October 1, 2012 to September 30,2013. Silver is the second highest level in the Boeing Preferred Supplier Certification process, a tool to identify and recognize high-performing suppliers strategically important to Boeing.

Boeing has established three levels of certification — bronze, silver and gold — with gold being the highest. To achieve preferred supplier status, suppliers are evaluated against specific performance standards in three categories: statistical process control, business processes and performance. Suppliers who meet or exceed the standards in these categories are identified and recognized as preferred suppliers.

Titan Spring, Inc. is a AS9100 Revision “D” Certified Company and is ITAR Registered with the United States Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.

Titan is proud to be selected for this achievement that we worked very hard for. We have always made the quality of the parts that we make for our customers a priority. Many of the parts we are selected to make on mission critical with some having loss of life as an extra consideration. Ejection seats come to mind along with parachutes both of which we have made parts for. When we sign off on a part to be shipped it is correct or it does not go to the customer, no exceptions.

That practice is applied to every part we make regardless of its use because that is what the customer is paying for. The AS9100 standard applies to everything in the company including commercial parts. It is a system for running a company from the top down and touches every thing that happens in the certified company.


Titan Spring IncorporatedOn July 8, 2013 Titan Spring Inc. was notified by the Boeing Company Space and Intelligence Systems Division that because of Titan’s high quality performance. Titan Spring, Inc. has been approved to participate in the S&IS Delegation Program.

Delegation will allow Titan to directly ship products procured by Space and Intelligence Systems without the requirement for source inspection when Q-clause Q925 is imposed on Purchase Contracts. As part of the approval process Titan Spring, Inc. has met the following criteria:

Maintain a Boeing approved Quality  Management System.

Maintain a minimum Boeing Enterprise Supplier Tool (BEST) El Segundo California site Quality Rating of 99.55% Bronze or BEST site Alternate Rating of Bronze over a 12 month period of performance.

Have Have no major findings.


In addition to this delegation Titan also has maintained AS 9100 certification to the “C” revision and as of March 2018 has been approved for the “D” revision. Quality is not just a word or department at Titan it is a way for life. It touches every aspect of the company from company officers to the new hire it is what drives the company.

Titan has been certified to various revisions of the AS9100 standard since 2007 and has never had a major finding charged against it. The international standard recognized all over the world allows Titan to supply high quality custom made parts. The standard gives international customers confidence in Titans quality for mission critical products supplied to their customers. Titan ships to customers in, France, Germany, Israel, and Taiwan without them needing to survey its facility.



Bell Helicopters approved that Titan Spring has met the  requirements of QPS 100, QPS 102, and QPS 200.

Titan Spring is now an approved Bell Helicopter Supplier.

Bell Helicopters approves Titan Spring, Inc. for one process on a one day survey. The surveyor loved what he saw, called his boss, got approval, and came back in a few weeks with an audit team of 4 people approving us for the 3 QPS specifications listed above. It was a first for Bell Helicopters but not for Titan as it has happened before with or prime Aerospace Contractors.

Bell Helicopters recognized after speaking with employees of Titan Spring, Inc. that we were far more than just a spring manufacturer. Titan’s wide range of capabilities and can do approach appeals to many companies in search of a contractor that can take on different projects.

Titan Spring has been a supplier to Hughes Helicopters before it sold to Mac Donnell Douglas Helicopters and, continued on when Boeing purchased the company to this day.

In addition to coil springs Titan has the in house capability to manufacture flat metal springs, formed wires, flat washers, Belleville washers, wave washers, metal stamping’s with or without tooling. Welded wire assemblies and CNC machining.

Customer requests are pretty much what got us to expand our capabilities because they could not find someone to do a process.  Like the medical customer who manufactured surgically implanted pacemakers who has a supplier for the tiny leaf spring and another who did the CNC machining They had nobody to weld the spring inside the machined part. We still weld the assembly for them to this day.