The aerospace industry demands very high quality standards to insure a quality product.  All orders at Titan are checked by engineering to insure they can be manufactured to the print. This is done prior to release to the shop floor. If problems are found the order is returned to sales for resolution and possible customer contact.

Spring engineering is done using the industry standard computer software developed by the Spring Manufacturers Institute of North America. Although it is not designed specifically for aerospace it’s accuracy is unmatched.

Engineering is also available for consultation during the customers design phase.


Aircraft sapres
EDM aerospace machining

EDM – Titan uses our Mitsubishi RA90 CNC EDM machine to assist us in cutting dies for our stamping department in addition to delicate precise production parts. The RA90’s computerized programming allows precise cutting with minimal tolerances. Close aerospace tolerance burr free production or prototypes are a breeze with the RA90.

Precision quality aerospace tolerances with CNC coiler

CNC COILING – Titan has the capability of coiling springs in wire ranges from .004 dia to .177dia. using our computer controlled CNC coilers holding state of the art tolerances. Materials include stainless steel, bronze, silicon bronze, brass, inconel, monel, titanium.

CNC wire forming
Precision tolerance CNC wire forming

CNC WIRE FORMING – Titan does precision wire forming along with torsion and double torsion springs utilizing our CNC Multi Slide machine. The machines servo actuated slides allow for precise close tolerance dimensions. Coiling CNC machines allows for much tighter tolerances demanded for aerospace quality parts.

Aerospace CNC milling

CNC VERTICAL 4 AXIS MILLING – Titan does CNC milling to close aerospace tolerances.

 Years of  aerospace Experience.

At Titan we’ve purchased just about everything that can be purchased mechanically. With extensive backgrounds in a wide range of industries, especially aerospace.We are Aerospace Experts with over half  a century’s experience in specifications and processes unique to the industry.

Sprong Assembly
Large Spring Assembly

Titan offers everything from miniature welding to intricate machined assemblies. We have most of the disciplines you need under one roof. And if there is something we can’t do, we have resources to get it done. At prices that are also head-ache free. Why? Because at Titan, superior knowledge and experience let us do things faster, easier than our competition.


Titan can put together a prototype for you right away with our powerful experience and extensive resources. We can assemble with low cost materials to show you how something could work without incurring the cost of a full-blown development.


Titan maintains constant training programs for our employees in these crucial areas for our industry. AS 9100, SAFETY, SPC, JIT, TQM, COMPUTER SPRING DESIGN AND ENGINEERING.


A family owned and operated small business run by a family that loves working together. A company that builds long term relationships. The cutting edge technology you demand. Lightning fast computer responses coupled with extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines. Inexpensive prototype and sample runs.

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Precision tight tolerance springs for the aviation, defense, and space industries for over 60 years.

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