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Spring Problems

spring problems
Vintage Hot Rod Hood Spring Extension springs

Spring problems are just part of the business and why spring companies exist to is solve them. In this case the spring problem was not the design. It was how to replace a broken part over half a century out of production. The pictures on this page were taken of a hot rod in Coeur D Alene Idaho at the Car D Alene hot rod show held every year Fathers Day weekend. We make springs like the ones on the car but have no way of know if we made these particular springs.


spring problems
Hood hold down assembly


Spring problem #1 is to figure out what material to use which is most likely music wire because  of its mechanical properties. Spring problem #2 is what technique to use in making the spring. This complex assembly of leather straps, springs, rivets, and a buckle assembly would eventually be replaced by just one simple extension spring.

The hold down spring was reverse engineered from a customer sample. The spring requires many hand winding operations because the coils on one side are left hand wound and the other right hand.

This spring is for a non military application but, we do the same thing for aircraft spares requirements. Titans vast experiences over 60 plus years in the spring industry combined with our extensive military and defense experience put the company in a great place to solve problems. Obsolete or hard to find products can be duplicated from samples or re engineered for an even better performing product.

Growing up in the heart for the industry in the last half of the 20th century positioned Titan to play a key role in many of the programs of that era. We have touched some of the end products, seen them fly, and in some cases flown in them.




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