Aerospace CNC Machining

CNC Milling

Machining done on this part using our HAAS Vf-1 CNC mill and is made of aluminum employing several machining operations including threading. It measures roughly two inches square by 3/8 inch. Our mill has a fourth axis attachment for more complex machine operations. Short runs are our specialty as with our other products aviation and military spares are the world we have lived in since 1957.


Electronic Discharge Machining or EDM is another process that Titan performs with our Mitsubishi RA 90 machine. The machine does double duty creating precise machining in our die shop for metal stamping tooling and also cutting thin metal for parts. The machine can cut through thin stainless foil used for shims or gaskets without tearing the material. Delicate parts used on the space programs many times require special handling to avoid damage.


We currently have open time slots available in our milling department so send your inquiries to

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